Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weight Loss Guide!

Reduction of the total body weight is called weight loss. This happens when there is a loss of fluid''body fat or adipose tissuemuscletendonbone mineral deposits and various connective tissues.

Weight loss can be classified into several categories.

Unintentional Weight Loss: A person having type 1 diabetes faces weight loss issues due to poor management. This happens when there is an excessive increase in the amount of glucose and less amount of insulin in the bloodstream. When people loose weight in this manner then it called as unintentional weight loss.

Intentional weight loss: This kind of a weight loss is the result of putting an effort to loose weight. This is done to improve fitnessheath and appearance. Generally weight loss occurs when a person is in the negative state of energy balance. During weight lossthere is a loss of fatmuscle and fluid from the body. However when one wants to lose weight intentionally then focus should be on losing fat only and muscle and fluid should be conserved.

Intentional weight loss is done to improve athletic performance or to meet the requirement of any specific sport. Some people wish to loose weight in order get a good body shape. Too much of weight loss is also a health risk. People who are underweight will have difficulties in fighting against infectiondecreased muscle strength and so on.

Therapeutic weight loss: This technique is suggested by most physicians. Adjustments are made to the eating pattern to lose weight. There is reduction of calorie intake. Various methods of weight loss are there such as taking of drugs and supplements to decrease appetiteblock fat absorption and so on. Herbal medicines are also available to reduce weight. Therapeutic weight loss decreases the chance of diseases such as diabeteshigh blood pressure stroke and so on.

Crash dieting: Wilfully restricting themselves of all the nutrition for a time period of 12 hours is called crash dieting. Only water is consumed in such cases. It is not generally advisable to go on a crash diet because it affects the body's metabolism.

Weight loss is significant in one's life as everyone wishes to have a healthy and good body structure.

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